Samples of my Graphic Design work

Abut Emilio Barbero

As an interior designer by education, Emilio is a constant creator and innovator by choice. He dedicates most of his time to create and observe design in all aspects of life: graphic, architecture, interior, pattern.

Marbleknot was created because of the design ideals that inspire Emilio. Emilio's reoccurring frustration with the lack of repetitive, geometrical and vibrant options available in the fabric and wallpaper industry inspired him to create Marbleknot.

He now produces and licenses his designs with the sole purpose of brightening the design industry. Emilio is a dynamic, creative thinker and produces high-quality craftsmanship. He is easy to work with and happy to collaborate on custom designs or adapt his designs to meet your specific needs.


Marbleknot's inspirational designs make bold statements using fun geometrical patterns that add a colorful flair to any product. Inspired by geometry these patterns range from the wildly abstract to solid, elegant shapes. These are versatile designs to suit any palate.

This website offers just a small sample of available patterns. Marbleknot’s broad portfolio is full of contemporary designs that are ready to be applied to consumer products.

If you would like to see more, contact Emilio today!

-Bringing geometry back™! -

"Bringing geometry back™" has become a core value in my design process and also in my trend setting goals.